Sunday, August 12

I am wiiiiireless. Hurrah. I set it up all on my own - I have a Big Brain. So now I can sit on the toilet with my laptop and still be online. Just what any girl wants!

After I used my Big Brain to successfully set that up, I went to Sainsburys. That was exciting. I got Fab ice creams. I didn't look at the packaging very closely (Normally trips to Sainsburys are very much a get in, grab stuff, get out as fast as you can affair. I strongly dislike being around so many people.) and was expecting normal, good old fashioned Fab lollys. But no, they're Fab ice creams. Innacone kinda thing. Amusing, but no where near as satisfying as the real thing. So I was slightly disappointed. But really, how disappointed can one person be when they have ice cream? That's right, not very!

After that I decided to make cupcakes, because cupcakes make the world go round. That's right, all this time you thought it was love or something crappy like that. Well, you were wrong. It's cupcakes! Cupcakes with hundreds and thousands and chocolate chips. Any kind of cupcake. Hmmm cupcakes.

Just one problem. I ate too much cake mix while I was making them, now I feel too sick to eat them. Clever Holly! Maybe I'll leave a couple in the hallway for the neighbours.

Tonight I am going meteor hunting. The Perseids meteor shower is visible this weekend and I intend to drive somewhere veryverydark and try to take photos of it.


glittrgirl said...

Can I have a cake? Please??????

Holly said...

*burp* I already ate them all. Oops!