Saturday, September 29

It's the weekend. Hurrah! And look what I got in the post this week...

Yes, I won myself a Wootie and £200 vouchers for my photo of Beans and the Eggling. Thank you to whoever voted for me!

I went shopping on Thursday with Mother. My seven year old pair of Vans have now been offically replaced. I've tried to replace them many times, with converse and a different style of Vans, but they just weren't the same. Nothing was quite as comfortable. But on Thursday I found The Ones. They amuse me.

My first sock is almost completed. I just need to do a bit more ribbing and then bind off. Then I have to resist the Second Sock Syndrome and get on with the next one!

Wednesday, September 26

It's that time of year again. My coat hooks have scarves and hoodies hanging on them, and my thick duvet is on my bed. I love autumn.

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a new pair of Vans. My 7 year old pair have a whole in the bottom that I can now poke my finger through. Not good for cold weather! I'm also going to buy a new coat.

Saturday, September 22


I decided to have boiled eggs for breakfast this morning. It was only after I'd cooked them I realised I don't own any egg cups, so I improvised and made origami egg cups out of kitchen roll. I'm such a fckin genius sometimes.

Spent this afternoon in the cafe on the square with Leanne drinking strawberry and mango smoothies and lattes, and eating flapjacks. Possibly the nicest flapjack I've ever eaten!

I am amazed at how clean and tidy my flat is today.

Friday, September 21

I would like to say on record how much I love the farm shop in my village. I stopped there on the way home and came back with all this for £9. Bargain!

I think this weekend I'll be making more soup, and other tasty autumny food stuffs.

I frogged the sock pictured in the previous entry and redid it because the increases were too loose. This one turned out much better. I had a slight disaster the first timeI tried to turn the heel which involved me getting in a huff and pulling all the needles out, but I frogged back and managed to pick up all my stitches again, and have just successfully completed the heel. Hurrah! Lots of mindless boring knitting for the leg now. Hopefully I won't get Second Sock Syndrome yet again.

Tonight I'm going to Ma and Pa's to cook dinner. Less washing up for me that way! haha.

Sunday, September 16

Things that amuse Holly.

Firstly, I feel I should mention that in exactly one months time I will be here, and this makes me happier than you can possibly imagine...

Secondly, this morning I spent a good twenty minutes amusing myself by skidding around on my kitchen floor in my pyjamas. I discovered my alpaca socks are perfect for this.

Thirdly, I frogged and restarted one of the three pairs of unfinished socks in the knitting basket last night. Toe up, because I never know how yarn I'll need to do the next bit along when I go cuff down. I either end up with a big pile of yarn left over and socks that could've been longer in the leg, or not enough yarn and socks that are too short in the foot. I used the Magic Cast On for the first time ever last night. It's very clever! I think my increases are a bit loose though, I might re-do it.

And finally, I'm having home made Garden Vegetable Soup for lunch!

Saturday, September 15

Wow, I just reached the 10,000 hit mark. And only about two of you ever comment. How rude!

I have started knitting a mini-clapotis out of sari silk yarn. I am yet to decide whether the yarn works well with the pattern or not. I need to get a few more dropped rows before I can tell I think.

Last night I went to the Not The Beatles gig at the cricket club, and had a bloody good time. I was at the front wearing my "Staff" pass taking photos with Al's 400D. I will never again be able to use my S9500 without feeling immensely disappointed. I want to marry this camera, it is utter perfection. Everything is so smooth and fast, all the buttons are in the right place, it's just beautiful. I want need one. Do you think Al will notice if I just...forget to give it back to him?

Today I am eating fish fingers and watching DVDs. I watch a lot of DVDs. You should buy me some. Or better yet, buy me this! And this to go with it!

No harm in trying, right?

Sunday, September 9

I am one ball from completing the knitting part of the Humbug Cushion. One ball! I'm getting a little bit bored of it now. It's just K5P2 all the time, so not exactly stimulating. I have, however, watched a lot of DVDs whilst knitting it. I need a trip to Dunelm Mill soon to buy lining fabric and polystyrene balls to fill it with.

My eggling is still growing. In fact it's a bit of a beast now, and the egg is starting to crack a bit. It's still flowering though! I have a Petunia Eggling growing at work, I need to take photos of that one too.

Today is another DVD day I think. I also need to tackle the giant pile of washing up, and hoover. Bah, being domestic is rubbish. Someone needs to invent a self cleaning house.

Wednesday, September 5

Humbug cushion about half way through.

Watching Black Books on DVD. I love roast parsnips.

Sunday, September 2

Almost two years after I cast it on, today I finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's entireyly down to Josh that I finished it. He had a rummage through my knitting basket and pulled 5 stitches off the end, so I had to get them back on. And then I just carried on knitting. I am never ever knitting anything like that again! Haha.

Now, back to the humbug cushion...
Exhausted. I honestly don't know how Ruth and John cope with Chloe and Josh all the time, it was exhausting enough just looking after Josh for a day! Both Josh and I survived though, with minimal tears and a lot of bubbles. I even managed to get a fair amount of sleep! Almost disappointed Josh didn't cry all night - it would've been fairly good payback for the neighbours. However, I do value my sleep so I'm not too disappointed.

Now I'm going to find some food, make a cup of tea, stick on a DVD and do some knitting I think.

Oh, and I have a new blog layout. The voodoo doll pin cushion is called Jose.