Saturday, September 22


I decided to have boiled eggs for breakfast this morning. It was only after I'd cooked them I realised I don't own any egg cups, so I improvised and made origami egg cups out of kitchen roll. I'm such a fckin genius sometimes.

Spent this afternoon in the cafe on the square with Leanne drinking strawberry and mango smoothies and lattes, and eating flapjacks. Possibly the nicest flapjack I've ever eaten!

I am amazed at how clean and tidy my flat is today.


Penny Karma said...

i'm new to your blog and i really fuckin dig it.

I just wanted to say fuckin so you'd think I was cool.

Vic said...

God that looks so tasty I just bashed my hand on the screen trying to shove my finger through... mmmmmmmmm

Dee said...

Lovely photo!