Sunday, September 9

I am one ball from completing the knitting part of the Humbug Cushion. One ball! I'm getting a little bit bored of it now. It's just K5P2 all the time, so not exactly stimulating. I have, however, watched a lot of DVDs whilst knitting it. I need a trip to Dunelm Mill soon to buy lining fabric and polystyrene balls to fill it with.

My eggling is still growing. In fact it's a bit of a beast now, and the egg is starting to crack a bit. It's still flowering though! I have a Petunia Eggling growing at work, I need to take photos of that one too.

Today is another DVD day I think. I also need to tackle the giant pile of washing up, and hoover. Bah, being domestic is rubbish. Someone needs to invent a self cleaning house.

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