Saturday, September 29

It's the weekend. Hurrah! And look what I got in the post this week...

Yes, I won myself a Wootie and £200 vouchers for my photo of Beans and the Eggling. Thank you to whoever voted for me!

I went shopping on Thursday with Mother. My seven year old pair of Vans have now been offically replaced. I've tried to replace them many times, with converse and a different style of Vans, but they just weren't the same. Nothing was quite as comfortable. But on Thursday I found The Ones. They amuse me.

My first sock is almost completed. I just need to do a bit more ribbing and then bind off. Then I have to resist the Second Sock Syndrome and get on with the next one!


glittrgirl said...


Well done!!!!

nice to know these things do actually work..... xx

Anonymous said...

Well done you-you must have alot of friends! do you get to keep that trophie forever? What's the next picture to submite? and what you gonna spend your money on?
Ruth XXX
PS only another 15 days to go!!!!

Tamlin said...

You won! Hooray!