Saturday, September 15

Wow, I just reached the 10,000 hit mark. And only about two of you ever comment. How rude!

I have started knitting a mini-clapotis out of sari silk yarn. I am yet to decide whether the yarn works well with the pattern or not. I need to get a few more dropped rows before I can tell I think.

Last night I went to the Not The Beatles gig at the cricket club, and had a bloody good time. I was at the front wearing my "Staff" pass taking photos with Al's 400D. I will never again be able to use my S9500 without feeling immensely disappointed. I want to marry this camera, it is utter perfection. Everything is so smooth and fast, all the buttons are in the right place, it's just beautiful. I want need one. Do you think Al will notice if I just...forget to give it back to him?

Today I am eating fish fingers and watching DVDs. I watch a lot of DVDs. You should buy me some. Or better yet, buy me this! And this to go with it!

No harm in trying, right?


Anonymous said...

sorry for being rude - just pop in to see how things are going.... but have nothing helpful to add

homesteadinmamma said...

I love Sari silk yarn! I cannot wait to see if it works in your clapotis!