Wednesday, October 24

I am currently sitting in Karen´s Cafe in Villaricos. Having a fantastic time, never want to come home. Thankfully I still have a week here!
If you keep checking up on my Flickr account, you might see some photos throughout the week.
Not a long entry - this is the worlds stickiest keyboard and its very hard to type!

Tuesday, October 16

So long, farewell..

It's time for me to turn off the laptop and pack it away now, and hope to god my suitcase doesn't weigh more than 15kg!
Last minute flat check, make sure all the lights are off and the windows closed. Bins are empty, Rats are fed and watered. Hopefully, I've not forgotten anything. I don't remember the last time my flat was this clean and tidy - and I'm not even going to be here to enjoy it! Haha.
I shall be back on October 31st with huge amounts of photos and tales of The Chicken Shack. Don't miss me too much!

Monday, October 15

I went to the dentist today, for the first time in about 3 years. When the dentist in the village went private I was highly unemployed, like fuck was I going to pay that much after free dental care my whole life! Buuut, last weekend I got tooth ache. So I thought I better go and get it looked at. I went to Floss in Northampton, where Mum and Dad go.

I need five fillings.

I signed up to Denplan so I didn't have to pay the £90ish consulatation fee, and the cost of the Xrays, but the fillings will cost me £212.50 in total. Thank god I'm getting my annual bonus soon, otherwise I'd be pretty much fucked on that one. It does mean that my hopes of buying a 400D before Christmas have probably gone out the window though. Sigh.

So I've just eaten my lunch, and everything tasted slightly of fake bananas from the desensitizing paste she put on my teeth. Lovely. Now I have a list of things as long as my arm to do in preparation for going to Spain tomorrow!

- Wash up.
- Clean bathroom.
- Wash towels.
- Finsih packing.
- Charge camera batteries.
- Clean out Rats.
- Sort out fridge.
- Empty bins.
- Give keys and garage remote to Fiona.
- Shower.
- Back up photos onto external hard drive in case of laptop failure whilst in Spain.

I think that's it. Pretty much. Suppose I should get on with it really!

Sunday, October 14

I can't remember a single thing I was supposed to be doing today. I got distracted by putting my books in colour order. It's a rainbow!

And have a photo of Beans and Toast, just because it's been a while since they were featured on here.

Saturday, October 13

Just in time for my holiday to Spain, where is about 27C at the moment, I've finished Dashing. At least I'll have nice warm hands when I come back!

Knit in Rowan Summer Tweed, about a ball and a half I think. So I have yet another small amount of yarn to add to the pile. God knows what I'm going to do with it all! I was originally going to knit it using some hand dyed Peruvian wool that I bought at the Knitting and Stitching show, probably three years ago now. But the moths have got at it. Just as I was about to start winding it in to a ball, I realise half of it has been eaten right through, so that's gone in the bin. Mum is bringing home some ceader rings for me to put in the knitting basket, and tomorrow i'll be going through it all and hoovering it out.

I am preparing myself for my holiday at the moment. I've started getting summer clothes out the wardrobes, I've found my passport and EHIC card, and printed off my flight confirmation. I've got a pile of cameras at the ready, and I'm still contemplating whether or not to take my tripod. I just need a suitcase now! Haha. I've also been preparing the flat, because Ellie is coming to stay for the two weeks I'm away. I can't remember the last time it was this clean and tidy!
I've also put the first two series of Black Books, and Dogma onto my iPod. Tomorrow the third series of Black Books and a couple more DVDs will be going on there I think.

So excited!

Tuesday, October 9

All play and no work...

...makes Holly very bored. Postal strikes mean no work. There is literally nothing to do. I've answered four phone calls today, that's it.
I might go and jump off the roof, just for something to do.

In much more uplifting news, this time next week I will be at Luton airport on my way to Spain! Hurrah!

Sitting here doing nothing is frustrating. We can't be seen to be doing nothing, or we get told to do the most mundane and completely pointless tasks that aren't part of our job and wouldn't even mentally challenge a 2 year old. Read a book? No, not allowed. Browse the internet? Only for work purposes. Saying that, I don't think I've ever read the BBC website in as much detail as I have done today. There was a rahter interesting article on how it's now "the norm" to see women with tattoos, and questioning why peoples perceptions of tattooed people has changed. But then I read the readers comments and end up wanting to punch 90% of them in the face for being such idiots. I really do hate the general public. I'd be quite happy living in the middle of nowhere without any contact from strangers. People I know and like can visit whenever they like, but the general public can all go step in front of a bus.

Well, isn't this cheerful?

I have to go to the dentist on Monday next week. I had toothache at the weekend and ended up driving over to steal ibuprofen from Mum at midnight because I didn't have any in the flat. So I thought getting it checked out before I head to Spain for two weeks would be a good idea. I've not been to the dentist since the one in the village went private about 3 years ago. I resented paying about £30 to go there every six months (because I had to go every 6 months instead of every 12 months once I no longer qualified for free dental care. Funny that...) just to be told my teeth are perfect and nothing needs doing, which is basically what happened at every single dentist appointment I've ever had. So yes, new dentist, scary etc.

Gah. I feel useless sitting here twiddling my thumbs when there's 101 (well, about 5) things I could be doing at home. I need to put clothes away, I need to put away the washing up, I need to hoover, I need to clean the bathroom (as always), and I need to sort out a big pile of paperwork. Oh, and I need to phone the bank as well, but we can't phone 0870 numbers from work - despite the fact we are an 0870 number.

I'll stop ranting now. If you read this far you deserve a virtual cookie. A post without photos must be very dull.

Sunday, October 7

Single figures people! Single figures!

Today I went to Olney Farmers Market. I purchased some Wobbly Bottom Farm cheese, giant mushrooms, and smoked salmon. I say "I purchased", I mean my Mum purchased, because I'm a cheap skate and my Mum is wonderful.

I then came home, ate said smoked salmon (hmm, I could eat smoked salmon forever), watched Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and learnt how to make teeny tiny paper cranes.

I also made a teeny tiny box, and a teeny tiny lily. The cranes are my favourite though.

Tonight I'm going to eat home made thai curry and watch Top Gear with Mum, because Dad and Oli have just gone off for a weeks sailing around Greece.

Saturday, October 6

On Wednesday last week I went for my annual haircut. I strongly dislike having my haircut, but I've been getting better at having it done. I once went for 6 years without having it cut. Then it was two years, and for the last couple of times it's been a year between each one.
Normally I just have all the dead ends chopped off and leave it as my usual "style". If washing it every other day and not even brushing it in between can be considered a style. This time I went short though. Not too short, shoulder length. And layered, so I've got some crazy curls going on at the moment. I love it. I dyed it on Thursday night so no more roots as well. Shorter hair is definitely the way forward!

In other news, whilst I was in London with Vicky (she finally has a public blog! Go read!) last Sunday, we decided (over the most amazing ice cream in the world) to start a food blog. Generally our get togethers mainly revolve around food in some way. Going out for lunch, trying out new restaurants, amusing food gadgety things, making a mess whilst trying out bizarre recipes. So, the blog FoodEat was born! Add it to your favourites people.

Now, I am going to sit here and twiddle my thumbs whilst waiting for my freshly mopped floor to dry.