Tuesday, October 9

All play and no work...

...makes Holly very bored. Postal strikes mean no work. There is literally nothing to do. I've answered four phone calls today, that's it.
I might go and jump off the roof, just for something to do.

In much more uplifting news, this time next week I will be at Luton airport on my way to Spain! Hurrah!

Sitting here doing nothing is frustrating. We can't be seen to be doing nothing, or we get told to do the most mundane and completely pointless tasks that aren't part of our job and wouldn't even mentally challenge a 2 year old. Read a book? No, not allowed. Browse the internet? Only for work purposes. Saying that, I don't think I've ever read the BBC website in as much detail as I have done today. There was a rahter interesting article on how it's now "the norm" to see women with tattoos, and questioning why peoples perceptions of tattooed people has changed. But then I read the readers comments and end up wanting to punch 90% of them in the face for being such idiots. I really do hate the general public. I'd be quite happy living in the middle of nowhere without any contact from strangers. People I know and like can visit whenever they like, but the general public can all go step in front of a bus.

Well, isn't this cheerful?

I have to go to the dentist on Monday next week. I had toothache at the weekend and ended up driving over to steal ibuprofen from Mum at midnight because I didn't have any in the flat. So I thought getting it checked out before I head to Spain for two weeks would be a good idea. I've not been to the dentist since the one in the village went private about 3 years ago. I resented paying about £30 to go there every six months (because I had to go every 6 months instead of every 12 months once I no longer qualified for free dental care. Funny that...) just to be told my teeth are perfect and nothing needs doing, which is basically what happened at every single dentist appointment I've ever had. So yes, new dentist, scary etc.

Gah. I feel useless sitting here twiddling my thumbs when there's 101 (well, about 5) things I could be doing at home. I need to put clothes away, I need to put away the washing up, I need to hoover, I need to clean the bathroom (as always), and I need to sort out a big pile of paperwork. Oh, and I need to phone the bank as well, but we can't phone 0870 numbers from work - despite the fact we are an 0870 number.

I'll stop ranting now. If you read this far you deserve a virtual cookie. A post without photos must be very dull.

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