Monday, October 15

I went to the dentist today, for the first time in about 3 years. When the dentist in the village went private I was highly unemployed, like fuck was I going to pay that much after free dental care my whole life! Buuut, last weekend I got tooth ache. So I thought I better go and get it looked at. I went to Floss in Northampton, where Mum and Dad go.

I need five fillings.

I signed up to Denplan so I didn't have to pay the £90ish consulatation fee, and the cost of the Xrays, but the fillings will cost me £212.50 in total. Thank god I'm getting my annual bonus soon, otherwise I'd be pretty much fucked on that one. It does mean that my hopes of buying a 400D before Christmas have probably gone out the window though. Sigh.

So I've just eaten my lunch, and everything tasted slightly of fake bananas from the desensitizing paste she put on my teeth. Lovely. Now I have a list of things as long as my arm to do in preparation for going to Spain tomorrow!

- Wash up.
- Clean bathroom.
- Wash towels.
- Finsih packing.
- Charge camera batteries.
- Clean out Rats.
- Sort out fridge.
- Empty bins.
- Give keys and garage remote to Fiona.
- Shower.
- Back up photos onto external hard drive in case of laptop failure whilst in Spain.

I think that's it. Pretty much. Suppose I should get on with it really!

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