Friday, November 23

Things that are good:

+ Posh Yarn. Amazing, fantastic, wonderful yarn.
+ The fact it is now the weekend.
+ The mushroom and potato gratin I made for dinner last night.
+ Listening to old CDs and the memories that came flooding back.
+ Buying a top two sizes smaller than the ones I was buying two months ago!
+ It's the weekend.
+ Only having three Christmas presents left to buy.
+ Pay day next Friday, including bonus!

Monday, November 19

At 5:55pm last night I was sitting in front of my computer (as I am a lot of the time) clicking refresh waiting to spend all my money on Posh Yarn. My obsessive-ness paid off and I have two skeins of the most amazing looking yarn ever coming to me soon.

65% supermerino, 20% bamboo, 15% silk in a colourway that I've been dreaming of for ages. I may keep it as a pet. It won't make a nest behind my DVD player like Beans did!

Shortly after my mini spending spree, and just after I'd eaten the wonderful parsnip and cashew nut roast I'd made for dinner, I went over to Mum and Dad's for my weekly Top Gear and Long Way Down fix. I had to do a double take as I opened the front door, because it was snowing. Yes, snowing, in Northampton, in November. It was snowing quite a lot as well. About 1cm had settled on my car. It was still snowing when I came home 3 hours later. It was all gone when I woke up this morning though, which I was quite thankful about because I hate driving to work in the snow ever since last year when my car wouldn't stop and if I hadn't steered into the curb I would've hit the parked car. And then 200m further down the road it wouldn't stop again and I went skidding across the crossroads. And then when I decided to go to Mum and Dad's instead of attempting to get to work my car got stuck on the driveway. Yeah, that was a fun day.

Anyway. Not much else to report. Fat club tomorrow night, and hopefully my next Amazon DVD (Long Way Round disc two) will have arrived so I can sit and watch Ewan McGregor all evening. I really do have a slight obsession with that man at the moment. In fact, I think it may be Scottish men in general. Quite worrying really.

Sunday, November 18

I went to Sainsburys this morning to buy ingredients for dinner (parsnip and cashew nut roast, which I am very much looking forward to making because it sounds so yummy and wintery). They were giving away free "bags for life". It's amazing how easy it is to carry my shopping upstairs when I only have two bags instead of 5. Well done Sainsburys. However, it's not quite as good as the co-op, who gave me a free bar of (fair trade) chocolate and a free magnetic shopping list note pad thing. I like free stuff!

Nothing much has been happening today apart from the trip to Sainsburys. I've officially started sock number two, which I am immensely happy about. Hurrah for overcoming SSS!

Even more of a hurrah for the fact I must've started these socks about two years ago! You just wait, after this I'll frog the blue cashmere one and make that into a pair!

I have my alarm set for today's Posh Yarn sale. I always mean to go there and buy stuff, but am either out or forget. I will not forget! There is the most delicious of colours there today which I intend to nab a couple of skeins of.

Now, I'm going to turn the heating on and make a cup of tea.

Saturday, November 17

I am posting this in the hope my mother doesn't read this blog. I don't think she does, so it should be ok! Mum asked for a pair of socks for Christmas (of the hand knit variety). I had two options; knit a pair of socks in time for Christmas without succumbing to Second Sock Syndrome, or wait until after Christmas so she could chose the colour and pattern, and I could make them exactly the right size. I've gone for the second option, and have knitted a teeny tiny pair of socks to actually give to her on Christmas day.

I am most amused by them, and they only took me about half an hour to knit. I'm all for instant gratification when it comes to knitting!

I have overcome SSS with the full sized pair of socks in the same colour. It took me three attempts to find a stretchy enough bind off, but I'm very happy now I've discovered EZ's sewn bind off!

The entrelac scarf is progressing very very slowly. It was an amusing idea at first, now It's just a bit boring to be honest. I'll get there eventually (I hope).

This weekend is fairly uneventful. I went to have my eyes tested today and still don't need glasses (my bank account is relieved at this news!). A trip to Sainsburys is planned for tomorrow to stock up the fridge again, and I intend to make a parsnip and cashew nut roast that I found in Mum's weight watchers recipe book that I've borrowed. I really should clean the bathroom at some point as well, but we all know how much I hate cleaning the bathroom.

I signed up for Amazon DVD rental last weekend, so could do with a few suggestions of things to rent. Tell me what your favourite film is, or something that you think I should watch!

Sunday, November 11

Remember not so long ago I mentioned I had finally finished the Big Bad Baby Blanket of Doom? Well, yesterday it finally went to its intended recipient. It seems to have been a hit, and it's great for playing peek-a-boo with!

Yesterday was a day of scanning in photos. I had to scan in baby photos of my work colleagues for a Guess The Baby Photo competition we're doing for Children In Need. So, while I had the scanner out, I scanned in all the fisheye and supersampler photos I took whilst in Spain. I love these cameras!

Yesterday Josh decided my name is Leaves. Actually, it's more like "'Eeeaves!". It seems Holly sounds too much Like Hello (which is one of his favourite words, I think!). He definitely associates me with leaves, in one of his book there's a picture of five leaves that look similar to my tattoos, and when we were in Spain if you said to him "wheres Holly's leaves?" he'd come up to me and point at them.
Ah well, if my cousin survived all those years of me and Oli calling her LaLoo (which my Dad still does occasionally!) I'm sure I can cope with Leaves. At least leaves makes sense!

Saturday, November 10

My computer mouse broke while I was in Spain. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, it got pulled about quite a lot, and the wire finally snapped away from the USB connector. So, I ordered myself a new on from eBuyer, a nice shiny red one. Wireless, too! It arrive earlier this week, with possibly the most excessive packaging I have ever seen...

To give some context, those are AAA batteries, and it's a mini mouse - half the size of a normal computer mouse. A massive box, just for that.
Ah well, the cardboard box fits perfectly in my cupboard so is now my recycling stuff box.

I've spent all morning scanning in baby photos of people I work with. We're having a guess the baby photo competition at work. It's quite amusing. I'll be surprised if anyone guesses them all!

The rest of today will be spent scanning in fisheye photos from when I was in Spain. There's some very funny ones!

Friday, November 9

Work is quiet. Very quiet. I am sitting and knitting socks. This is a sock I had finished about a month ago, but the bind off was too tight and I had a fair amount of yarn left over, so I've ripped back the ribbing and am making it longer, and will experiment with stretchy bind off.

Thank god it's friday. I can spend my weekend DVD watching and knitting and the like. And maybe going to Mum and Dad's to play with Dad's new PS3 :-)

Sunday, November 4

Have I gushed about how great Ravelry is yet? Well, it is. It's fantastic and wonderful, too. I've found patterns for yarn I've had sitting around for god knows how long. I've found patterns I don't have yarn for but am definitely going to knit. I took photos of all my yarn and found stuff I'd completely forgotten about. It's just brilliant! And so, my latest project is yet another scarf.

The pattern is from Freckles and Purls and is so far amazingly easy. I've gone three tiers and it looks great.

Yesterday, whilst shopping in Milton Keynes, I saw a scarf I liked in Accessorize. So I took a photo of it on my phone so I can work it out and knit it myself. Muhaha.

Thursday, November 1

I'm home. Reluctantly. The fridge is restocked, the suitcase is unpacked, the washing is done. I keep wishing I could open my bedroom window and see waves crashing over rocks, and am horribly disappointed when all I ever see out of all my seventeen windows is other peoples houses, far too close for comfort.
If I had my way I'd live in a small house at least 5 miles from anything. But we all know I'm antisocial.

Thankfully I don't have to go back to work until Monday, so I can spend a lot of time sleeping and watching DVDs - recovering from 3+ hours on a plane with Chloe and Josh. I think I may need to seek therapy after that!

By the way - that's me snorkeling in the second photo down. There were lots of fish, and quite a few plastic bags - which was a bit depressing. Thankfully the jellyfish weren't about on that day.