Saturday, November 17

I am posting this in the hope my mother doesn't read this blog. I don't think she does, so it should be ok! Mum asked for a pair of socks for Christmas (of the hand knit variety). I had two options; knit a pair of socks in time for Christmas without succumbing to Second Sock Syndrome, or wait until after Christmas so she could chose the colour and pattern, and I could make them exactly the right size. I've gone for the second option, and have knitted a teeny tiny pair of socks to actually give to her on Christmas day.

I am most amused by them, and they only took me about half an hour to knit. I'm all for instant gratification when it comes to knitting!

I have overcome SSS with the full sized pair of socks in the same colour. It took me three attempts to find a stretchy enough bind off, but I'm very happy now I've discovered EZ's sewn bind off!

The entrelac scarf is progressing very very slowly. It was an amusing idea at first, now It's just a bit boring to be honest. I'll get there eventually (I hope).

This weekend is fairly uneventful. I went to have my eyes tested today and still don't need glasses (my bank account is relieved at this news!). A trip to Sainsburys is planned for tomorrow to stock up the fridge again, and I intend to make a parsnip and cashew nut roast that I found in Mum's weight watchers recipe book that I've borrowed. I really should clean the bathroom at some point as well, but we all know how much I hate cleaning the bathroom.

I signed up for Amazon DVD rental last weekend, so could do with a few suggestions of things to rent. Tell me what your favourite film is, or something that you think I should watch!


glittrgirl said...

City of God
The Motorcycle Diaries
Anything by The Coen Brothers or Wim Wenders
Betty Blue
The whole of Northern Exposure
The whole of Deadwood

Holly said...

The Motorcycle Diaries is one of my favourite films ever :-) Thank you for the recommendations, several of them added to the list!

Vicky said...

Watch V for Vendetta and Equilibrium together if possible.

I really want to see Last King of Scotland again, but I bet you've got it already!

Notes on a Scandal was excellent..

Holly said...

Yup, Last King of Scotland is in the DVD box already! Will check out the two you mentioned.

Ruth Gillett said...

I know it's not a DVD (give it a couple of months and then it will be!)but you'd love Stardust at the flicks at the moment -Brilliant and what a cast. Robert De Niro is fantastic! XXXX

Holly said...

Definitely want to go and see Stardust! I bought an orange sim card the other week so can go to the cinema cheaper now!