Sunday, November 18

I went to Sainsburys this morning to buy ingredients for dinner (parsnip and cashew nut roast, which I am very much looking forward to making because it sounds so yummy and wintery). They were giving away free "bags for life". It's amazing how easy it is to carry my shopping upstairs when I only have two bags instead of 5. Well done Sainsburys. However, it's not quite as good as the co-op, who gave me a free bar of (fair trade) chocolate and a free magnetic shopping list note pad thing. I like free stuff!

Nothing much has been happening today apart from the trip to Sainsburys. I've officially started sock number two, which I am immensely happy about. Hurrah for overcoming SSS!

Even more of a hurrah for the fact I must've started these socks about two years ago! You just wait, after this I'll frog the blue cashmere one and make that into a pair!

I have my alarm set for today's Posh Yarn sale. I always mean to go there and buy stuff, but am either out or forget. I will not forget! There is the most delicious of colours there today which I intend to nab a couple of skeins of.

Now, I'm going to turn the heating on and make a cup of tea.

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