Saturday, November 10

My computer mouse broke while I was in Spain. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, it got pulled about quite a lot, and the wire finally snapped away from the USB connector. So, I ordered myself a new on from eBuyer, a nice shiny red one. Wireless, too! It arrive earlier this week, with possibly the most excessive packaging I have ever seen...

To give some context, those are AAA batteries, and it's a mini mouse - half the size of a normal computer mouse. A massive box, just for that.
Ah well, the cardboard box fits perfectly in my cupboard so is now my recycling stuff box.

I've spent all morning scanning in baby photos of people I work with. We're having a guess the baby photo competition at work. It's quite amusing. I'll be surprised if anyone guesses them all!

The rest of today will be spent scanning in fisheye photos from when I was in Spain. There's some very funny ones!

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