Monday, December 31

So, Christmas has been and gone, and now it seems to be new years eve. Christmas was, as it always is with my family, full of fun and laughter and many many children and Nuts.

There were two broken fingers, both on different people, during one game of Nuts. James was the champion for the second year running! We also held the first ever Junior Nuts, won by Yasmin. Chloe came second, and screamed for at least 15 minutes so we all knew how devastated she was!

Not as many photos as last year because my camera battery died, but I assure you it was lots of fun. There will be a separate blog entry soon (as requested) all about the most wonderful coffee ever.

So, now it's new years eve. I've never been a great fan of new years eve, to me it's always been parties full of people I don't know that well and don't particularly like that always come and hug me just because it's midnight. Last year was spent with Jonathan, watching chavs have a fight in the alley way. This year will be spent watching TV and eating popcorn. I was going to have an evening with Jack Bauer, but Mum and Dad had the same idea and I need to steal their DVD.
Also, I just ordered a 32" Sony Bravia, so it's not a completely wasted evening. I also get tomorrow off work. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look up how cheap I can get a PS3 to go with my new TV!

Saturday, December 22

Todays entry was brought to you thanks to a whole day watching Grand Designs on TV...

Today I printed some photos to go in the IKEA frames I got a couple of weeks ago. I now have three framed photos on the walls in my study, at last. There are few things more bland and uninspiring as bare walls, in my opinion. The fact the majority of my flat is beige is bad enough, but until I find the time and money to paint it all, covering the walls in nice things to look at will do.

I was on a bit of a roll really. The printer was behaving, all the colours and sizes were dead on. That almost never happens. That should've made me suspicious really. I should've known to quit while I was ahead. I'd printed three sheets of photos to go in a panoramic frame with a mount with 5 windows. The idea was to use one panoramic photos across the five windows. All was going well, the photos printed fine, I got the wire across the back to hang it on all sorted. Slotting it in to place...crack! The glass breaks. Fuck shit bollocks cock. I now have a pretty much useless £15 frame. Oh joy.

So, I did what any normal person would do. I got in a huff and spent the rest of the day watching back to back episodes of Grand Designs on TV and painted my toe nails.

I was looking through my photo folder entitled "flat" after I'd taken those photos, and it's amazing how much this place has changed over the last year. I still have photos of it completely empty. I have photos of the first cup of tea I made here. Photos of Dad putting up the blinds in the living room. Photos of piles of boxes. Photos of empty bookcases and a half built bed. Photos of that tiny horrible green sofa I endured for about 3 months. Photos of all the different places the Rats have been since I moved in. I'm glad it's finally all coming together now, everything is pretty much exactly how I want. And not one single bit of it is at all how I imagined it would be when I came to look round the place in June 2006.

Now I just need to get some money so I can re-do the bathroom. It's the one room I really don't like. Especially the horrible horrible floor. I dream of under floor heating!

Friday, December 21

My lack of blogging lately seems to have given at least one person the impression I've developed a social life. I can assure you all this isn't true. In fact it's the opposite, my life has been if anything more boring than usual of late!
Ok, that's not entirely true. I have been doing things, just not very exciting things. Going out for lunch with the work lot mostly.
One exciting thing (for me, anyway) is the fact I am the proud owner of a table and chairs! This makes me a proper grown up apparently, but it doesn't seem to be working!

I made an attempt and Christmas-ifying my flat. I was going to buy a tree. I even got decorations from IKEA. But all the trees were rubbish/too tall/too real/too expensive for my liking, so I've stuck to fairy lights and a bit pile of presents on the floor.

I have also - shock horror - been knitting! The bright pink socks got finished, and I started on a new pair in some Posh Yarn. I'm rather pleased with them so far, considering I've just been kind've making it up as I go along, or taking certain bits from certain patterns.

They're going to end up being quite tall socks I think. I need some longer socks to keep my legs warm!

I have a very lazy weekend this weekend. Tomorrow I might actually be tempted to sleep the day away. Sunday is more sleeping and the excitement of the Harrison/Hawker Christmas! I have half a day of work on Monday morning, then the rest of the week off. It'll be great!

Sunday, December 2

Another fabulous day out in Londinium with Vicky yesterday. Being the first Saturday of December it was, of course, ridiculously over crowded with Christmas shoppers. We coped though. We wondered around the new St Pancras International station. It sounded very swish when they said that on the train.

We then headed off for one of our favourite places in the world - Belgo Centraal - for mussels, chips and coconut beer (if anyone feels the need to buy me a Christmas present, Mongozo Coconut Beer would be the best present in the world).

The rest of the day was spent wondering around, spending money, laughing, and generally having a fantastic time.

Today I have put away the Sainsburys delivery, finished wrapping Christmas presents, and am currently printing out a photo to go in my new frame to add to the collection on the wall in the living room.

I have also done something I didn't think I'd do again - I plugged in the NTL box (I'm sorry, but saying Virgin box still is and always will be wrong) and turned on the TV. I don't know what I was expecting, but it's still as shit as it was over 6 months ago when I stopped watching it. Top Gear and Long Way Down are on tonight though! Woo!