Friday, December 21

My lack of blogging lately seems to have given at least one person the impression I've developed a social life. I can assure you all this isn't true. In fact it's the opposite, my life has been if anything more boring than usual of late!
Ok, that's not entirely true. I have been doing things, just not very exciting things. Going out for lunch with the work lot mostly.
One exciting thing (for me, anyway) is the fact I am the proud owner of a table and chairs! This makes me a proper grown up apparently, but it doesn't seem to be working!

I made an attempt and Christmas-ifying my flat. I was going to buy a tree. I even got decorations from IKEA. But all the trees were rubbish/too tall/too real/too expensive for my liking, so I've stuck to fairy lights and a bit pile of presents on the floor.

I have also - shock horror - been knitting! The bright pink socks got finished, and I started on a new pair in some Posh Yarn. I'm rather pleased with them so far, considering I've just been kind've making it up as I go along, or taking certain bits from certain patterns.

They're going to end up being quite tall socks I think. I need some longer socks to keep my legs warm!

I have a very lazy weekend this weekend. Tomorrow I might actually be tempted to sleep the day away. Sunday is more sleeping and the excitement of the Harrison/Hawker Christmas! I have half a day of work on Monday morning, then the rest of the week off. It'll be great!

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