Monday, December 31

So, Christmas has been and gone, and now it seems to be new years eve. Christmas was, as it always is with my family, full of fun and laughter and many many children and Nuts.

There were two broken fingers, both on different people, during one game of Nuts. James was the champion for the second year running! We also held the first ever Junior Nuts, won by Yasmin. Chloe came second, and screamed for at least 15 minutes so we all knew how devastated she was!

Not as many photos as last year because my camera battery died, but I assure you it was lots of fun. There will be a separate blog entry soon (as requested) all about the most wonderful coffee ever.

So, now it's new years eve. I've never been a great fan of new years eve, to me it's always been parties full of people I don't know that well and don't particularly like that always come and hug me just because it's midnight. Last year was spent with Jonathan, watching chavs have a fight in the alley way. This year will be spent watching TV and eating popcorn. I was going to have an evening with Jack Bauer, but Mum and Dad had the same idea and I need to steal their DVD.
Also, I just ordered a 32" Sony Bravia, so it's not a completely wasted evening. I also get tomorrow off work. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to look up how cheap I can get a PS3 to go with my new TV!

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Anonymous said...

that photo of Chloe is great!
feels such a long time ago now!
Ruth XXX