Saturday, December 22

Todays entry was brought to you thanks to a whole day watching Grand Designs on TV...

Today I printed some photos to go in the IKEA frames I got a couple of weeks ago. I now have three framed photos on the walls in my study, at last. There are few things more bland and uninspiring as bare walls, in my opinion. The fact the majority of my flat is beige is bad enough, but until I find the time and money to paint it all, covering the walls in nice things to look at will do.

I was on a bit of a roll really. The printer was behaving, all the colours and sizes were dead on. That almost never happens. That should've made me suspicious really. I should've known to quit while I was ahead. I'd printed three sheets of photos to go in a panoramic frame with a mount with 5 windows. The idea was to use one panoramic photos across the five windows. All was going well, the photos printed fine, I got the wire across the back to hang it on all sorted. Slotting it in to place...crack! The glass breaks. Fuck shit bollocks cock. I now have a pretty much useless £15 frame. Oh joy.

So, I did what any normal person would do. I got in a huff and spent the rest of the day watching back to back episodes of Grand Designs on TV and painted my toe nails.

I was looking through my photo folder entitled "flat" after I'd taken those photos, and it's amazing how much this place has changed over the last year. I still have photos of it completely empty. I have photos of the first cup of tea I made here. Photos of Dad putting up the blinds in the living room. Photos of piles of boxes. Photos of empty bookcases and a half built bed. Photos of that tiny horrible green sofa I endured for about 3 months. Photos of all the different places the Rats have been since I moved in. I'm glad it's finally all coming together now, everything is pretty much exactly how I want. And not one single bit of it is at all how I imagined it would be when I came to look round the place in June 2006.

Now I just need to get some money so I can re-do the bathroom. It's the one room I really don't like. Especially the horrible horrible floor. I dream of under floor heating!

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Anonymous said...

ahhh that's better, I feel updated now. Will you have to repaint your walls when you take down your fairy lights? -not gloss!
See you tomorrow for the christmas carols.
Love Ruth XXX