Saturday, February 16

Rather shockingly, I didn't do overtime this weekend. I have spent all day today on the couch in my PJs watching TV and DVDs. Bliss!

Even more shockingly, my battle with npower may be coming to and end! I almost had a heart attack when I had two cheques through the door from them yesterday. One for £86 as a refund for the money they took for the gas they've never supplied, and another for £50 as compensation!

Now I'm just waiting for a seven month electricity bill. I think if I apply to switch my electricity to British Gas now that should prompt a bill from them!

I'm having a nice long weekend this weekend. James came up on Thursday night. We had thai prawn curry, watched Shaun of the Dead, ate ice cream, and stayed up until 2am catching up on the last two years. We went for lunch at the cafe on the square on Friday, wondered back here across the Rec and spent the rest of the day watching Bill Hicks until he had to head off to Nottingham. Nothing better than spending time with old friends. It won't be another two years until I see him again this time hopefully!

Tomorrow doesn't look any more eventful than today has been. Have some last minute photo editing that Alex needs doing, but other than that I will be doing very little. I suppose putting the futon away in the spare room and doing the washing up should be on the list somewhere!

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