Sunday, March 30

I never thought I'd actually enjoy a night out on the Welly road, but I did!

Tuesday, March 18

Because my life is unbelievably boring at the moment and writing a normal blog entry would bore you to tears, have a slightly less boring quiz thing instead. Stolen from Dee.

Three Things That Scare Me

* Moths
* Chavs
* Large crowds

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

* Vicky
* Patrice
* Leanne

Three Things I Love

* My family
* Chocolate
* Jack Bauer

Three Things I Hate

* Washing up
* Cleaning the bathroom
* General domestic chores

Three Things I Don’t Understand

* Trigonometry
* People with absolutely no common sense when it comes to money
* Kids who walk around playing music from their mobile phones

Three Things On My Desk (I don’t have a desk, so I’ll sub my nightstand)

* Dead Fred pen holder
* My mug
* A blob of thinking putty

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now

* Watching X-Files
* Typing
* Wondering how many episodes of 24 I can watch tonight

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

* See the northern lights
* Go to Australia
* Find my dream job

Three Things I Can Do

* Stick pens through my earlobes
* Cook a damn good chilli
* Take pretty good photos

Three Things I Can’t Do

* Resist tasty food if it's put in front of me
* Put my legs behind my head
* Wake up on Monday mornings

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

* The Cat Empire
* Common sense
* Your parents

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

* Idiots
* Abba
* The voices in your head that tell you to burn things

Three Things I’d Like To Learn

* Scuba diving
* How to ride a motorbike
* To speak a foreign language fluently

Three Favorite Foods

* Steak
* Pizza
* Crisps

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

* Greenclaws
* Grange Hill
* Rainbow

Three Things I Regret

* That short haircut when I was a kid
* Buying my rubbish car instead of a decent one
* Not getting that cottage