Tuesday, March 18

Because my life is unbelievably boring at the moment and writing a normal blog entry would bore you to tears, have a slightly less boring quiz thing instead. Stolen from Dee.

Three Things That Scare Me

* Moths
* Chavs
* Large crowds

Three People Who Make Me Laugh

* Vicky
* Patrice
* Leanne

Three Things I Love

* My family
* Chocolate
* Jack Bauer

Three Things I Hate

* Washing up
* Cleaning the bathroom
* General domestic chores

Three Things I Don’t Understand

* Trigonometry
* People with absolutely no common sense when it comes to money
* Kids who walk around playing music from their mobile phones

Three Things On My Desk (I don’t have a desk, so I’ll sub my nightstand)

* Dead Fred pen holder
* My mug
* A blob of thinking putty

Three Things I’m Doing Right Now

* Watching X-Files
* Typing
* Wondering how many episodes of 24 I can watch tonight

Three Things I Want To Do Before I Die

* See the northern lights
* Go to Australia
* Find my dream job

Three Things I Can Do

* Stick pens through my earlobes
* Cook a damn good chilli
* Take pretty good photos

Three Things I Can’t Do

* Resist tasty food if it's put in front of me
* Put my legs behind my head
* Wake up on Monday mornings

Three Things I Think You Should Listen To

* The Cat Empire
* Common sense
* Your parents

Three Things You Should Never Listen To

* Idiots
* Abba
* The voices in your head that tell you to burn things

Three Things I’d Like To Learn

* Scuba diving
* How to ride a motorbike
* To speak a foreign language fluently

Three Favorite Foods

* Steak
* Pizza
* Crisps

Three Shows I Watched As A Kid

* Greenclaws
* Grange Hill
* Rainbow

Three Things I Regret

* That short haircut when I was a kid
* Buying my rubbish car instead of a decent one
* Not getting that cottage


Anonymous said...

where are you with Jack?
Isn't it just the best most addictive thing ever!
We haven't seen you guys for ages, we'll have to organise a get together with or without mum!
Ruth XXX

Holly said...

I've just finished season Three. OH MY GOD it was so good! I need to start season 4 ASAP, hopefully I get to it before Mum and Dad because I had to wait months to watch Season 3 because they were taking so long over it! Unfortunately I always develop a slight obsession with Jack when I'm watching 24 and annoy everyone at work with it, haha.

We do need to organise a get together, it's been too long! Ma and Pa are back from New York tonight so I'll poke mum about it when I see her!