Sunday, May 25

I made some teeny tiny baby booties for Trudie, she's going on maternity leave on Friday but I'm convince she'll be exploding before then.

Oh how I love things I can start, finish and photograph in the space of one film!

I have discovered a new website: Book Rabbit. For documenting book collections, getting book reviews, recommendations etc. I am a complete g33k and it totally appeals to my organising/documenting/cataloguing OCD nature. I highly recommend it, and join dammit so I can get some friends!


RoadSide said...

Those are so cute. What yarn and needle size did you use? I tried making them once with a sport weight cotton yarn on size 2mm needles, but there were really really teeny-tiny.

Anonymous said...

whats happened to your food eat blog?
I was expecting to see your lovely browies on it? everyone lovely them at BBQ. how did the 2nd batch go?

Holly said...

I forgot to take photos of the brownies yesterday! Glad they went down well though!
Foodeat was kind've forgotten about, so I deleted it. I'm starting up another photoblog soon though, a photo a day kind've thing. Just need to start taking photos! haha.
Will let you know how the next batch turn out when I've made them!