Saturday, August 23

I have a long list of stuff to do before Tuesday, but I can't be bothered to do any of it. So instead I'm sitting here watching Amazing Grace on DVD and drinking tea. I really should start packing in some way though!

My chilli plants are growing growing growing. I love watching plants grow!

Hopefully they'll be well looked after by Debbie while I'm away and will still be alive when I get home!

I suppose I should make a start on that long list...

Wednesday, August 20

Today is good for several reasons. Here are the top three...

1. I went to Next on the way home to buy someone a present and saw (and instantly purchased) this t-shirt. I've been waiting for this retro band t-shirt fashion to finally come up with a Pink Floyd one!

2. I got home and found my chilli seeds from Wahaca (new favourite restaurant) have sprouted!

3. I'm getting my new DVD player! (No photo of that one)

Tuesday, August 19

Tonight I reached the 50lb mark on Weight Watchers (well, 50.5lbs to be precise)! So chuffed!

(this photo is actually from a few weeks ago when I was at 49lbs - but it's a fairly good indication of what a 50lb weight loss looks like!)

Now I'm going to eat cake to celebrate!

Sunday, August 17

Knitting! OMG Knitting!

My DVD player is broken. I have ordered another from the ever wonderful, but alas it will not arrive until the end of the week. As my DVD player is my main source of entertainment on a lazy Sunday, which today was, I was at a bit of a lose end. So I thought "I know! I'll finish that putting together that humbug cushion that has now been sitting in my knitting basket for a whole year."

So I went and got the sewing machine from Ma and Pa's house. I dug it out. I sewed up the lining, managed to get tiny polystyrene balls aaall over the kitchen whilst stuffing it, then sewed up the knitting. And it's wonderful! I love it. It's a lot bigger than I expected, too! It now has pride of place on my futon.

Friday, August 15

3 months no update? I know I say this a lot, but I am a bad blogger. What's new then?

I went to Italy at the end of June with my friend Leanne. We went to Pompeii, climbed Vesuvius, went to Capri, visited Herculaneum and spent many hours wandering around Sorrento, where we stayed.

I have a second job (yes, you read that right). I am now a Pampered Chef consultant. I have done six shows, and it's lots of fun, apart from the washing up!

I went to Manchester to help Oli and Caz move in to their new flat. It's pretty amazing, and I want to live there.

I'm pretty sure I've been doing lots more than just all of that, but I have neither the energy nor the inclination to write it all out!

Upcoming excitement? A week in Tuscany with Ma and Pa in just one weeks time! More Pampered Chef parties, Vickybox coming to visit and seeing Not The Beatles, and quite possibly going back to that education malarkey to either do an A level in Human Biology, or an Access to Health Professions course because I have now decided I want to go to university to do Radiography. Yes, Holly has finally decided she wants to do something more with her life than be a civil servant!

I'll try to make it a bit less than three months before I update again this time!