Sunday, August 17

Knitting! OMG Knitting!

My DVD player is broken. I have ordered another from the ever wonderful, but alas it will not arrive until the end of the week. As my DVD player is my main source of entertainment on a lazy Sunday, which today was, I was at a bit of a lose end. So I thought "I know! I'll finish that putting together that humbug cushion that has now been sitting in my knitting basket for a whole year."

So I went and got the sewing machine from Ma and Pa's house. I dug it out. I sewed up the lining, managed to get tiny polystyrene balls aaall over the kitchen whilst stuffing it, then sewed up the knitting. And it's wonderful! I love it. It's a lot bigger than I expected, too! It now has pride of place on my futon.

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