Saturday, November 8

I am still alive, honestly. I think I've just about accepted the fact I am back in the country until I can scrape together the money to escape again, but I'm still not entirely happy about it. Spain was fantastic, as always. I got to drive a bus all week, which at times felt like the Old Folks Home day out, but at other times (when Dad, Col and I went exploring) was a lot more fun.

Since I've been back home things go on as usual. Work is ridiculously boring. Nothing overly exciting has happened, really. My 18 month long saga with npower continues after they sent me a £505 gas bill (they don't, and never have, supplied my gas) so I've written another stroppy letter. I still hate how annoying loud my neighbours are. The Secret Christmas Knitting continues...

...and needs to continue a bit more, so that's what I'm off to do now. Along with Time Team on the TV and a cup of tea.

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Anonymous said...

great photos as always
Ruth XXX