Friday, January 9

I am updating this from my brand spanking new Sony Vaio. I'm in love! It's only taken me a few days to finally get it to connect to the internet, and I'm making loads of typing errors because of the slightly smaller keyboard, but oh my god I'm in love! I'm still transferring over all my files (almost there, only about 10gb of photos left now!) and learning how to use Vista, and generally finding out what it's capable of.

Project 365
continues, and despite the fact I've been back at work a whole week and have actually left the house, I've managed to keep up with it for 9 whole days (about to upload photo number 9). I need to start finding more interesting things to photograph if I'm going to go this for a whole year though!

Right, time to carry on moving the files over.

Thursday, January 1

A belated Happy Christmas and Happy New Year from me. Christmas was wonderful, I spent a few days at Mum and Dad's and spent time with my wonderful (and slightly odd) friends and family.

Last night was new years eve and I spent my evening with mussels and home made chips, chilli chocolate and season six of 24 on DVD. Pretty much the perfect night. So far 2009 has involved waking up late, turning 24 back on, and taking down my Christmas decorations.

Tomorrow I'm off to Londinium to see Vickybox for Christmas presents and Dim Sum! Can't wait :)

This year I intend to take more photos (why could I possibly need to take more photos?). I have decided to give Project365 a go, and will aim to update my Flickr account every day.