Thursday, July 16

I am still alive, honestly! Life has been so amazingly hectic lately, I feel like I've barely had a chance to sit down in the past two or three months!

My Nanny died at the end of May. Although she had suffered from dementia for the past 7 years and had been in a care home for the past 5 years it was still a huge shock, and took a while for things to return to normality.

At the beginning of June Mum, Dad and I spent a few days in Prague. It's an amazing city and we really didn't have enough time to explore all of it. I'm thinking of going back near Christmas.

The end of June was the end of my time at the DVLA. I had a brilliant last day at work and leaving do and I miss all (ok, some of) my old colleagues a lot. I started my new job at the very end of June and have been completely over whelmed and baffled with the amount of information I've had to take in over the last three weeks! It's a brilliant job though, and I know it's a step in the right direction and will give me so much more satisfaction than my last job!

On July 3rd I went down to London with my Dad, Nicky and Vick and went to see the ever amazing Cat Empire. Absolutely outstanding gig, and as has been the case every single time I've seen them live, I just wished I had tickets to the gig the following night as well!

And up now up to yesterday - my car decided to break quite seriously on my way in to work yesterday morning. I managed to just about get there and rang the AA, definitely got my money's worth from my very cheap membership with a drive to a garage to get a new part, and then being towed all the 18.5 miles home by a very friendly chap called Chris. Unfortunately the car still isn't fixed, and is likely to be quite expensive, but I'm being driven to work and back every day so it's nice and relaxing for me!

As always, the best way to keep up with the daily goings on in my life is through Flickr, where I'm still managing to keep up with Project365 apart from a slight lapse a couple of months ago!

Now, I have some very exciting things to be getting on with like washing up and making dinner. Thrilling!